Oct 30

Almost there,

Quest 5 is pretty much complete, minus the odd little graphical tweak and mapping adjustment, it's turned out so far as one of the more active, driven quest (clocks in around 30mins of gameplay, which I'm pretty stoked about).
It has prompted me to review the Monster AI scripts though, something we're planning on looking at in Phase II, which follows the quest and asset development shortly.

So rounding off on the penultimate quest can only mean one thing; beginning development on the finale. The finale promises to bring together the answers to your first adventure within the current release of Fallout Who Vegas; One Year Later.

One Year Ago (WiP title) will focus on, you guessed it, the Daleks, and in true Who fashion features them in an incredibly majestic scale. I've got a lot of cracking gameplay mechanics for this particular quest, and some brilliant twists to the story and outcome of the way you play Fallout New Vegas forever.



Raverbane said...

Always a treat to read your updates. Happy Halloween!

Experimantal Brony said...

Unanswered question, hope it'll be this time: will we be able to make the traveling time longer than 60 secondes? It would be awesome to be able to if we want to roleplay in the tardis while it travel or things like that ^^

Connor Masters said...

Sorry, I've been in a sort of limbo for the past few days, I was wondering if you were still interested in having a voice actor, I'm not to eager to spread my email over the internet (for reason which I'm sure you'd understand), so yeah, tell me if you are interested and I'll see if I can find a means of sending you that email. Thanks