Oct 6

Where are we?

Alive, that's where, but heavily occupied elsewhere. On the mod's roadmap, we're well on our way towards the ending goal.

What we really need, is to regroup. TardisBlue got back in touch yesterday and is up and running and raring to go; Spyduck's going to focus on the Classic Control room in a bid to get it finished; GreatIllMotives is going to be knocking up some dialogue script work for the final two quests in the coming week; and I'm putting my time now into getting these finished and ready to roll.

Once done, we've got a few things on the agenda before we're satisified with the outcome.

In true FWV fashion, here's a nice list of bullet point's on what I want finishing before release;

  • Revamped Flight mechanics
  • Revamped TARDIS systems
  • A 'functioning' TARDIS Companion system
  • 7 immersive quests tying in to FWV's introductory episode in release one
  • Refined Monster scripting ('AI' mechanics)
There's more to it than that, but that's an overall plan of what I want to get completed ASAP.

So there we go; I might crack up a video if I get a chance of things as they are now,



An Avid Fan. said...

Im running out of ways to say your doing great work and it sounds amazing, whatever will I do?

Experimantal Brony said...

Could this mean a release around the end of the month or early november (maybe for the 23 november exactly, the special episode day :O)

Serathas said...

Wonderful, i Can't wait for more

Raverbane said...

Glad to see things are coming along!