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Morning good people,

So I wanted to talk today about something slightly different; how I manage the project.

Managing a team of people scattered in pretty much every major continent is tricky, taking time zones into consideration, working lives etc.
There's a trick to getting the balance right.
One of the major issues I find myself in, on a day to day basis, is trying to catch up with the other core developers on the mod.
There is no real easy way around this, other than to attempt to coordinate and get things rolling smoothly, but life outside of the project can be so volatile and unpredictable, you never know whether the time someone has dedicated to getting a particular task done is at risk or not.

One thing that I've taken away from Fallout Who as a Producer/Project Manager role, is that team modding is inherently pitted with obstacles. Sure, when it gets into the swing of things, and people pick up on the drive vibe, it cruises along at a nice pace, but let that momentum slip for a second, and your coordination starts to wander.

In my day to day activities as Producer of the mod, I find myself spending a lot of time chasing myself up.
I needed to speak to Spyduck about this... I'll leave him an IM...
I really should task one of the contributors with developing this/that/the other for the next phase...

It's all about proper planning, mitigation and pragmatism.

So there we go.

Now that you've read something slightly out of the ordinary, enjoy a small teaser of what's to come from Team FWV.

We'll be posting some development updates over the coming weeks,

Until then, keep the faith,



Anonymous said...

Awesomee, by the way, what is he wearing on the head

Kris said...

Nothing mod related

Blues said...

Whose YouTube channel is it? And are previous videos on this playlist related to mod?

Anonymous said...

War Doctors Tardis! Its my personal headcannon that FWV takes place during the time war, at a time when earth's history was corrupted into the Fallout timeline. He cant fix anything because its a whole new divergent universe (which is why the doctor cant time travel more than a few hours). Something similar happened to his Tardis in the audio Zagreus, but it was somewhat more abstract than alternate timelines.

Darian Stephens said...

FWV Team?
Team FWeV.
Imma call you Team Fwev from now on.

Also, that time war headcanon... Has been accepted into my own.

Sean Barry said...

It's always a pleasure to read one of your blogs, Demeggy. I must say, having read this, my respect for you has increased twofold. I can barely manage a guild in World of Warcraft; an intercontinental mod team would be a nightmare for me.

Good luck with all your endeavors, my friend!

John Smith said...

Any chance of a release without the angels? Unless they are story dependent.
I just find them incredibly eerie.

Anonymous said...

any chance of the mod getting cybermites? if so can you put in a way for them to partially upgrade players?

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