HOWTOUSE: The Chronon Detector


so the main bugbearer at the moment is how to find and seal these ruptures using the Chronon Detector, so here we go;-

  1. Make sure the CD (Chronon Detector) is equipped
  2. When you start to hear a low pitched buzzing, look around the area until you hear a high pitched buzzing. Cracks will also appear.
  3. Activate the Chronon Sealer to seal the cracks.
Clues (Highlight below):

Seal 1 - Corridor

Seal 2 - Flowers of the Valleys

Seal 3 - Visiting the Gallery pays off

Music Room Puzzle -

  1. Load Track 4 into the Autotuner
  2. Use the instruments to 'compose' Track 4...
Updates out later in the week for fixes...

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